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Live life closer to how nature intended

Thrive effortlessly and safeguard your future

Show Up Every Single Day As The Strongest Version Of Yourself

When you’re firing on all cylinders everything in life just flows. But a busy career or chronic condition can take its toll on our daily wellbeing – and affect how we show up with colleagues and loved ones.

Long hours and the pressures of work can overwhelm and leave us feeling below par. Performance slips, tempers fray and everything just feels harder. But change is tough when you’ve a lot to juggle and people to please. Best intentions fall by the wayside. Here’s the thing. Positive change should be easy. And it can be, with the right support.

It's Time To Discover What Your Best Self Is Really Capable Of

Are you putting on a brave face when inside you’re feeling ground down? Is your team maxed out and under strain? I get it. After working as a lawyer for many years, I became the leader I never wanted to be. I felt stressed and burned out. But when I focused on ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, the brain fog lifted. I no longer succumbed to the coughs and colds doing the rounds. My hay fever and chronic skin condition resolved themselves. Life and leadership became effortless.

Now I support professionals and teams in high-pressured roles and work with individuals living with chronic conditions to devise a simple way to health and wellbeing. I help people live closer to how nature intended. Together we identify the root cause of your challenges and you’ll learn how keeping your brain healthy as well as your body will not only help you thrive now, but will safeguard your future. A slow decline of your health does not have to feel inevitable.

I am a National Board-Certified Health And Wellness Coach and ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach who can open your eyes to a new way of thinking – and being – so you can discover what’s possible when you realise what your whole, healthy self is truly capable of.

It’s time to change for the better. Don’t worry, this’ll be fun.

I promise.

Eric Ho

Serious About Change?
I Can Make It Simple For You

My Health for Success programmes offer guided insight to help you or your team become conscious of the barriers holding you back, so you can create space to embrace opportunities and take purposeful action. Clients commit to a minimum 3-month programme, with most people going on to invest their time for 12 months or more once they see what can be achieved.

Together we’ll focus on three key areas:


Nurture your foundations with mindfulness, stress management, movement, self-compassion, nutrition and rest.


Lift your limits with focus on mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, tuning into your emotions and acting on your dreams.


Enrich your future by managing the environment around you and nourishing yourself to foster a healthy mind and brain.

Getting To The Root Cause And Nurturing You To Full Strength

The Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health approach is a flexible, personalised framework that draws inspiration from eastern practices to get to the root cause of the problem, and uncover what it is that you need to flourish. This is not a ‘quick fix’. It takes time and effort to move from a conventional ‘one pill’ solution, closing the gap between how you presently live and how you were born to live. As you grow more attuned to your body and brain, it becomes it easier to recognise your inner health signals, and act on them. This is a powerful approach that can prevent, delay or slow down neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and restore health for people living with autoimmune conditions.


Eric’s focus, positivity and optimism are contagious. I came away from every coaching session feeling energised and uplifted. He took my ramblings and reflected back some key insights. The process has helped me to step up a level in both my work and personal life and has given me the tools and confidence to strive towards my goals.

Joff Williams

I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who is seeking to promote their wellbeing. Eric is engaging, thoughtful and incredibly insightful. He breaks down the science and explains everything so easily. I've certainly benefited from his webinars in more ways than one. I think the most important lesson I've learned is that self-care is not selfish. An all round great guy, intelligent, knowledgeable and kind.

Arquette Hirani

Health & Wellbeing Coaching To Help You Flourish In Every Aspect Of Life

If you are committed to finding your way to a healthier lifestyle, we'll work well together. Here's how we'll do it:

Taking Leaders And Teams Beyond Success - The Natural Way

Elevating your performance to the next level - as a leader or with your team - shouldn't compromise your life, or who you are. I'll help you lift the fog, and recharge your brain power so you can reset your priorities and create the space you need for change that matters. My programmes are carefully calibrated to make it easy to be happier, stronger and more productive, no matter how busy you are.

Recognising And Achieving Your True Potential While Living With A Chronic Condition

Living with a chronic condition can take over every aspect of your life. But it doesn't have to be that way. My health and wellbeing coaching programme will support you to restore your health and wellbeing by shifting your perspective to focus on what's possible, rather than what's not. Together we'll find a simple way to embrace long-lasting lifestyle change so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

3 Simple Steps To A Better You:



Book a call. We’ll have a chat about how we can work together to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.



We’ll dive deeper in a longer call and develop a simple process together that you or your team will be able to execute no matter how busy life gets. We’ll set goals and meet regularly to check on progress.



Rediscover your strength - and your smile. Know you can thrive in both life and work to flourish in the way you deserve.

Change For The Better Doesn't Have To Feel Tough

When the quick fixes fail to deliver the positive change you need, it's easy to throw the towel in. Book a call for fresh insight and a way that health and wellbeing can work for you - no matter how busy you, or you team, may be. Have a trusted advisor by your side who has walked in your shoes and can help you discover what your 'best self' feels like.


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