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Coaching to restore your health and wellbeing and enable you to flourish while living with a chronic illness

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Life Shouldn't Have To Feel Like A Constant Compromise

Chronic illness can take over your whole life, wearing you down, and leave you feeling trapped by the limitations you face every day.

You know healthier living could improve life but when you’re lacking energy, in pain or struggling to cope with a chronic condition it’s easy to lose hope. So trying to make improvements for future health can feel futile. Old habits slip back – you get caught in a vicious circle and end up blaming yourself for your condition.

You deserve dependable, supportive and informed guidance to help you embrace a new, enriched, way of being that aligns with who you are and want to live, regardless of your condition. Because life is there to be enjoyed, not endured.

Restoring Your Wellbeing Can Be Easy With The Right Support​​

It’s daunting when the lifestyle changes we need to make for the sake of our health are markedly different to how we’re used to living. Taking medical advice is one thing, but putting that into practice is a different challenge altogether.

I help people peel back the layers and break down seemingly insurmountable tasks into small, manageable steps so lasting change to alleviate current challenges and safeguard future health becomes easy – and you can start to enjoy life again.

As a National Board-Certified Health And Wellness Coach and ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach I will open your eyes to a new way of thinking – and being. You’ll learn how to close the gap between how you live now and how you were born to live so your body and your brain can thrive as nature intended.

Then the restoration of your health and wellbeing becomes simple. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Harnessing Your Natural Strengths To Help You Enjoy Life Again

If you’re already under the care of a medical practitioner, I can work within your care guidelines, dovetailing with clinical advice to provide complementary support. Below are some of the typical conditions I can help you with. This list is not exclusive – the Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health approaches can be applied to any condition – or no condition at all – to help you embody wellbeing.

Getting To The Root Cause And Restoring Your health

The Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health approach is a powerful way to prevent, delay and slow down neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and restore health in autoimmune conditions. It is a flexible, personalised framework that draws inspiration from eastern practices to get to the root cause of the problem, and uncover what it is that you need to flourish. This is not a ‘quick fix’. It takes time and effort to move from a conventional ‘one pill’ solution, closing the gap between how you presently live and how you were born to live. As you grow more attuned to your body and brain, it becomes it easier to recognise your inner health signals, and act on them.

The Secret To Improving Health Can Often Be Found Within The Brain

People talk about the importance of mental health in relation to our overall wellbeing. But actually, it is health of our brain – the body’s own ‘engine room’ – that plays an even more critical factor. While our age and genetics are beyond control, many risk factors – including smoking, alcohol, mental health, physical activity and our environment – can affect our brain health both now, and in our future. After a close family member was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I noticed how simple lifestyle adjustments alleviated daily frustrations caused by their condition. Whether you suffer with brain ‘fog’, have a neurodegenerative or chronic condition, I can help you understand how to improve your health, including your brain health, so both your body and brain get what they need to thrive and you get the best chance for a long, fulfilling life.


Eric’s focus, positivity and optimism are contagious. I came away from every coaching session feeling energised and uplifted. He took my ramblings and reflected back some key insights. The process has helped me to step up a level in both my work and personal life and has given me the tools and confidence to strive towards my goals.

Joff Williams

I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who is seeking to promote their wellbeing. Eric is engaging, thoughtful and incredibly insightful. He breaks down the science and explains everything so easily. I've certainly benefited from his webinars in more ways than one. I think the most important lesson I've learned is that self-care is not selfish. An all round great guy, intelligent, knowledgeable and kind.

Arquette Hirani

When You're Committed, Change Flows Naturally

Health for Success programmes offer guided insight to help you become conscious of the barriers standing in the way of lifestyle change, so you can take purposeful action and adapt with ease. We work within the restrictions of your diagnosis, dietary and medical guidance to achieve this. Our clients commit a minimum 3-month programme, meeting fortnightly, with most people investing for longer once they see what can be achieved.

Together we’ll focus on three key areas:


Everyone can try a quick fix but enduring lifestyle change takes focus and dedication. I'll help you understand what lies behind your triggers and habits so adapting your approach to life is easier.


When you aren't getting what you need, everything feels so much harder. I will help you restore your body and brain health through mindfulness, stress management, movement, self-compassion, nutrition and rest.


Right now the gap between where you are and where you need to be likely seems vast. I'll support you to reduce that gap by simplifying your daily routine to achieve your health goals.

Functional Medicine Helped Me Resolve My Auto Immune Condition

When I was suffering from burnout as a busy, corporate lawyer, I began exploring ways to improve how I fuelled myself. I quickly realised what I was eating drove how lacklustre I was feeling. But food was only one part of the puzzle.

When I made lifestyle and behavioural changes as well I started to take back my health without a prescription drug in sight.

In doing so I eliminated my hay fever symptoms and resolved my autoimmune skin condition, psoriasis, that had, over time, failed to respond to conventional prescription drugs.

I now support others whose lives are afflicted by chronic conditions to restore their health, as nature intended.

My work combines Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health approaches with positive psychology in a way that becomes relatable to the frenetic modern world.

Health And Wellbeing To Take Leaders And Teams Beyond Success

My team and I also provide the following services for individuals and teams looking to take their professional and personal potential to the next level.

Coaching For Busy Professionals​

Programmes and guided insight for leaders to reset their priorities, understand their triggers and devise a simpler way towards health that fits in realistically with daily life.

Coaching For Your Entire Team​

Improve performance, communication and relationships to help teams put simple plans in place to eliminate stress, regain focus and play to their strengths.​

3 Simple Steps To A Better You



Book a call. We’ll have a 50-min chat to explore your health challenges and discover we are the right fit to work together.​



We’ll create a vision of success together and then devise a plan to follow over time. each time we meet we'll re-evaluate your plan, asses progress against that and adapt again as necessary.



Rediscover your strength - and your smile. Restore your wellbeing and love for life knowing you have everything you need to flourish in life in spite of your condition.

Don't live life imprisoned by your Chronic condition​

When your chronic condition is wearing you down the positive change you need to make can feel beyond reach. So it becomes easy to throw the towel in. Book a call with me for fresh insight and a way that wellbeing can work for you. Have a trusted advisor by your side who has walked in your shoes and can help you discover what your 'best self' feels like so you can embrace life again.


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