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Stress, Demotivation And Burnout Don't Have To Be A Rite Of Passage To The Top

Peak performance in the workplace shouldn’t mean a compromise on your team’s quality of life. But peer pressure and ambitious targets take their toll. We push ourselves harder to reach the top – and pay the price with our health and wellbeing. Here’s the thing, when we focus on ourselves and give our body and our brain what they really need, we boost our focus and energy and achieve goals effortlessly.

No More Breaking Point - Increase Your Team's Potential Naturally

When every increment is critical, teams often dig deeper beyond physical limits to hit targets. No one wants their team to collapse under the stress and strain of pressure to reach the top. Thankfully, there is another way.

After working as a lawyer for many years, I was so overwhelmed I wondered whether the grind was worth the benefit. But, when I closed the gap between how I was living and how my body was designed to live, success became effortless.

Now my team and I support executive teams in high-pressured roles to increase their potential by devising a plan to make health and wellbeing simple.  As a National Board-Certified Health And Wellness Coach and ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, my programmes are carefully calibrated to help teams thrive in every aspect of their life.

I will enlighten your people with a new way of being a team – so they can lift the lid on their true potential, by living as nature intended. It’s time to discover what’s really possible.

Serious About Change?
You've Come To The Right Place.

Health For Success Wellbeing programmes offer guided insight to help your team become conscious of the barriers holding them back, so they can create space to embrace opportunities, recognise their potential and become stronger together. Our clients commit to a minimum 6-month programme, with most investing for 12 months or more once they see what can be achieved.

Together we’ll focus on three key areas:


Nurture your team's foundations with mindfulness, stress management, self-compassion, nutrition and rest.


Lift their limits with focus on mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, tuning into emotions and acting on dreams.


Enrich their future by managing the environment around them and nourishing their brain to foster good health.


Eric’s focus, positivity and optimism are contagious. I came away from every coaching session feeling energised and uplifted. He took my ramblings and reflected back some key insights. The process has helped me to step up a level in both my work and personal life and has given me the tools and confidence to strive towards my goals.

Joff Williams

I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who is seeking to promote their wellbeing. Eric is engaging, thoughtful and incredibly insightful. He breaks down the science and explains everything so easily. I've certainly benefited from his webinars in more ways than one. I think the most important lesson I've learned is that self-care is not selfish. An all round great guy, intelligent, knowledgeable and kind.

Arquette Hirani

Health & Wellbeing Coaching To Help You Flourish In Every Aspect Of Life​

My team and I also provide the following services for individuals living with chronic conditions and busy professionals who are looking to elevate their potential.​

Coaching for Busy Professionals to explore 'Beyond Success' - The Natural Way​

Programmes and guided insight for leaders to reset their priorities, understand their triggers and devise a simpler way towards health that fits in realistically with daily life.​

Recognising And Achieving Your True Potential While Living With A Chronic Condition​

Supporting you to restore your health and wellbeing by shifting your perspective to focus on what's possible, rather than what's not, so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve.​

Find Out Your Team's True Potential



Book a call. We’ll have a 20-min chat about how we can work together to make sure we’re the right fit for your team.



We’ll dive deeper with you and your team and develop a simple process together that everyone will be able to execute no matter how busy life gets. We’ll set goals and meet regularly to check on progress.



Discover what your team's really capable of when you unlock their creativity and productivity through health and wellbeing.

Don't Let The Daily Grind Limit What Your Team Is Truly Capable Of

When your body and your brain are under constant strain it's impossible to perform at your best in the workplace. Your team needs a simple way to make health and wellbeing work for their busy lives so they can discover what 'beyond success' looks like. Book a call and I'll help you create a process your team will want to follow - and will enjoy. Your team will have a trusted advisor by their side who has walked in their shoes and can help them go further than they ever thought possible.


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