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Are you ready to build your foundations to sleep well for a healthy brain and body?​

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Step 2: What will it take for you to achieve the vision of your best self?​

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Creating your success, but without the burnout

In today’s webinar, I touched on some of the foundations for good sleep, and optimal health. 

This article will help you understand how these foundations can help you thrive without the burnout.

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Experiment and coach yourself

Finally, you might be interested in this article. It shows you five ways that you can coach yourself to change.

Step 3: Resources for better sleep

In this webinar, I mentioned websites, apps and gadgets that can help you with the foundations for sleeping well.

As I mentioned in the webinar, I don’t receive any financial incentives to share these resources with you. I use them myself and find them helpful for me. They may not work for you, but I encourage you to be inspired and experiment in creating your foundations for success!

Sleep experts

  • Satchin Panda is an expert on circadian rhythms and the importance of timing of your meals. 
  • Matthew Walker focuses on the neuroscience of sleep, and why we sleep.
  • Dr Michael Breus also known as the Sleep Doctor.
  • If you’re a parent of young kids, Dr Craig Canapari has a wealth of knowledge and tips.

Manage your stress

  • 4-7-8 breathing: great for managing anxiety, depression and falling back asleep if you wake up in the night.
  • Meditation: in addition to apps like Dan Harris’s Ten Percent Happier and Calm, Jack Kornfield and Deepak Chopra are great resources. 
  • If you’re looking for a programme that demystifies meditation and allows you to become a life-long practitioner without resorting to guided recordings, you could try Ziva Online.

Move frequently

  • Use a pomodoro timer to remind you to get out of your chair (or sofa) every 25-30 minutes.

Food impacts your sleep

Mastering light and darkness

  • The Human Charger: a mini, portable SAD device that’s also good for jetlag.
  • Sauna Space: near infra-red lights to boost your mitochondria.
  • f.lux: reduce blue light from your computer screens.
  • TruDark: yellow/amber- and red-tint glasses to reduce blue light exposure

Your bedroom

  • Ooler: to maintain your bed at a cool (or warm) temperature

Assessing your sleep quality

Be wise, be healthy, and be well!


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