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"What you need is permission, not time."

Here are some resources that I hope you'll find useful

When you’re firing on all cylinders everything in life just flows. What would it feel like if you woke up each morning full of energy, with a clear mind, and the presence and creativity to deal with the challenges your day throws at you?


Brain Health. 


I invite you to explore these and the resources below to bring the “being” back to the forefront of you.


Be wise, be healthy, and be well!

Step 1: Resources for brain health

Here are some websites and resources that can help you with the foundations for maximising your body’s natural detoxification capacity, and minimise your exposure to environmental toxins.


4-7-8 breathing

  • Here’s Dr Andrew Weil demonstrating 4-7-8 breathing – a great way to reduce anxiety and help you fall asleep.

Your lifestyle gap

30-day reset

  • Try this guide so you can reduce your sources of inflammation and eat for optimal health.
Identifying toxins in personal care and home cleaning products

Identifying pesticides and herbicides food

Toxins in children’s toys

  • NY Times article about chlorinated tris (flame retardant) in children’s toys.

Step 2: What will it take for you to achieve the vision of your best self?

Let’s have a conversation

I know how busy careers and chronic conditions take their toll on our wellbeing -and  when quick fixes fail to generate lasting changes, it’s easy to throw the towel in. 

You need a simple way for health and wellbeing to work – no matter how busy you get. 

Let’s have a conversation to help you discover what their ‘best self’ is capable of so that you can make change simple for you.

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Step 3: Create trust and team connection no matter how difficult the conversation

Join me and my co-founders of WELL Leaders for our Spring 2022 Leadership Programme Challenging Conversations and see how you can learn how not be a jerk at work (or at home), one conversation at a time.


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