How to adapt your lifestyle to build your foundations for success

Eric Ho
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Closing the “lifestyle gap” so you can thrive

When I see my clients expressing a desire to thrive – in the way they see it in their lives – we often end up talking about closing the “lifestyle gap”.

From the small goals that someone has to their biggest and ambitions and dreams, whether at home or at work, your success in each of those areas will be short lived if the foundations upon which they are built are not strong.

If we’re thinking about buying a house, we don’t just think about the what fixtures and fittings inside the house are like.

Instead, we ask whether there is going to be subsidence, what the land used to be used for, and whether there was any contamination in the soil.

There’s little point in kitting out the house with a new kitchen and fancy sound system if the house is going to fall down in a few years’ time.

For us human beings, that foundation is health. That was the foundation for me to thrive and be successful without the burnout.

Health: absence of disease, or a pathway to thrive?

Since 1949, the World Health Organization has considered “health” as:

“a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease and infirmity.”

That’s really important, as we tend to see health solely as an absence of disease and infirmity. 

But what if we were to look at health in an unconventional way so that we can thrive and be successful?

What if those foundations were to give us the opportunities to thrive and to succeed? And to succeed in ways that feel authentic, and where success comes without the cost to one’s mental, brain and physical health?

How do you focus on health?

As a professional, it’s easy to be busy and distracted by your career:

  • how will you get a promotion? 
  • is my job secure? 

It’s also easy to prioritise and honour your the obligations and commitments at home:

  • looking after your family
  • putting food on the table
  • juggling all of your competing priorities.

With these competing priorities and distractions of modern life, it’s difficult to focus on the foundation that truly determine whether everything you’re aiming for is a breeze or a challenge.

What is the “lifestyle gap” and how do I close it?

So what is this “lifestyle gap”, and how do you close it so that you can thrive?

Well, I’m not talking about whether you have the brains or determination to be an excellent lawyer, or to be a leader who inspires and empowers. 

The lifestyle gap

The “lifestyle gap” is something different. 

Closing your “lifestyle gap” enables you to have optimal health so that everything you do is a breeze. This is the true foundation for success.

Closing your “lifestyle gap” enables you to have optimal health so that everything you do is a breeze. This is the true foundation for success.

What’s your “normal”?

Often we don’t, or can’t, see this lifestyle gap, because we’ve become accustomed to the way things have become normal in our lives:

  • We wake up with brain fog
  • Days are tiring and we lack energy
  • We sleep poorly

This used to be my “normality”. 

In reality, they are limiting beliefs. 

What’s normal, though, isn’t the same as what’s acceptable. They’ve become normal because we often don’t realise that there are things that we can do individually to change our “normal”.

It’s only after I adopted the foundations for thriving without the burnout that I realised these did not need to be my “normal”. I could free myself of these are “limiting beliefs”.

Closing the “lifestyle gap”

The “lifestyle gap” has come about because we humans have lost touch with the foundations for how we naturally thrive. 

Our human ancestors evolved to know instinctively what to do every second of every day.

But our modern lifestyles have resulted in us getting out of balance with how our evolutionary history has programmed us to live life. 

In a short scintilla of time within human evolution, we have altered the environment in which we can thrive.

You won’t find how to close your lifestyle gap in a pill or a supplement. Closing your lifestyle gap isn’t found in a pill. The solution to having a healthy brain in later life isn’t hoping that there will be a drug pill to cure Alzheimer’s, or to take your chances.

It’s to create your own foundation for you to thrive as a human being in our modern day life and, by doing so, avoid the modern day chronic diseases we suffer from all too frequently. 

We do that by closing the gap between how we were designed to live, and how we live nowadays. 

You don’t need to become a cave man/woman again!

That doesn’t mean going to live in a cave, or assuming that you need to eliminate the things that you think are bad for you. Instead it involves aligning yourself more closely with how our ancestors approached life.

Translated into our modern day lives, that means you focusing on your key foundations to thrive, be successful at work and at home, all without the burnout.

I incorporated these foundations step by step into my life. As a result, they helped me thrive without the burnout, and also enabled me to reverse my autoimmune condition, without a pill or drug in sight.

And, by the way, in the world of Functional Medicine, which is the area I’m trained in as a Functional Health Coach, Alzheimer’s disease is being reversed.

Over to you!

What small next step might you take to closing your own “lifestyle gap”?

I encourage you to explore and experiment, and to think unconventionally!

You can read more about the foundations for how to thrive and be successful without burnout, and my personal journey of reversing my chronic disease through closing my “lifestyle gap”. I hope it inspires a desire in you to explore your own path to your authentic success.

And, if you need a partner to help you to close the gap so that how you thrive feels authentic to you, come and work with me.

Be wise, be healthy and be well!


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