Are you living a life of “shoulds”?

Eric Ho
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How many “shoulds” do you need to stop thinking about so live life as the best version of yourself?

I was chatting to a client the other day, and we were talking about living life, and the concept of being the best version of yourself and what that involved.

What we noticed was that it doesn’t involve a lot of “shoulds”.

“I should … “

You know, we have our heads down thinking about what we want to do. But because we’re moving at such a high speed. There’s lots of things to do, things to achieve.

We don’t slow down to give ourselves the space to simply be, to create the space for exploring what we really want.

And so we live a life of “shoulds”, rather than the best version of our self

We do what we think our partners want us to do, what our colleagues want for themselves.

I know some “shoulds” are important, even when they might not put you at the top of the priority list. Looking after your family, for example.

But there is a balance, and doing the things you want rather than what someone else wants may not be the only answer.

Knowing what your “shoulds” are requires self-awareness.

Knowing what your “shoulds” are requires awareness in order to live life as the best version of yourself.

When we’re busy doing things, getting through those to do lists, meeting deadlines, starting that next project, or having a call with a client, it’s really difficult to find that space simply to be: to notice what’s going on inside you.

You know, we’ve got three brains, our mind, our heart and our gut, and most of the time, we’ve been trained to listen to our minds.

Logic often determines what we should be doing.

But I invite you to think about turning towards what your heart and gut or feeling.

When you create the time and space to do that, it can help you understand what’s going on around you and inside of you.

Over to you

What is that recurring thought that keeps coming up?

Is it one that’s looking forward to the future?

Or is it the one that’s looking back at the things you’re not doing right?

Where do you want to place your attention?

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