How to avoid failure when you’ve set yourself a big goal

Eric Ho
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What happens when you set a big goal for yourself?

When you set a big goal for yourself, or your team, do you feel excited and motivated, and then despite your desire to achieve it, the goal seems almost impossible to achieve?

What happens next? Do you become overwhelmed and feel you’ve let yourself down? 

Despite wanting to achieve your goal, it’s easier to give up.

Your goal becomes that big elephant in the room … 🐘

I worked with a client who’s an entrepreneur. They wanted to lose weight for the sake of their health.

Previously they had tried all of the common quick-fix weight-loss techniques but none of them worked. 

My client felt discouraged: their health was at risk and the elephant in the room remained.

So how did this client reduce their weight by 16%, and continues to do so?

First was getting the right nutrition advice.

Second, and this was crucial, it’s easier to overcome a small goal than a big one.

It’s easier to overcome a small goal than a big one

By turning that one huge elephant in the room into smaller elephants, this individual could work on each of them one by one.

So, instead of “losing weight”, this turned into:

🐘 “I make the best choices, even at fast-food places.”

🐘 “I remind myself of the wins, however small.”

🐘 “I pack my own snacks to avoid snacking on crap.”

🐘 “I am healthy to be around for my family.”

This client was working on losing weight – an important health goal for them.

Your goal might be one about your team, a promotion you’re seeking, a difficult family relationship you’re trying to improve (don’t we all have them?!).

Finding the smaller elephants helps no matter what your goal is.

Over to you!

Have a think about that big elephant in your life. 

How can you turn it into smaller elephants that you can easily overcome?

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