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5 ways to reduce anxiety when stuck at home

Are the spaces you work and live in causing you to feel anxious?

Perhaps you have colleagues or family and friends sharing the spaces with you, and unspoken rules are being broken, and it’s creating a simmering anger in you.

Perhaps you’re rattling around by yourself and feeling vulnerable, stuck and isolated.

Read on to find out my five top tips to help relieve your cabin fever anxiety!

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How to remain optimistic and deal with challenging events

When we experience major, challenging events at work or at home that test our resilience, challenge our sense of hope, and call for a response that feels balanced and authentic, how we choose to respond determines how successful we can manage the stress and uncertainty those events cause us.

Read on to see how to feel optimistic even in the most challenging of times.

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3 ways to deal with a stressful commute

It’s easy to overlook the stress you endure from your daily commute. We are all aware of how important it is to reduce chronic stress – the big elephant in the room of our modern lives.
Read on to find out more about how to address the three key causes of stress in your daily commute.

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