Top tips to be at your best when flying for work

Eric Ho
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Going on a business trip that involves flying often divides opinion, even before we starting thinking about what tips we can use to perform at our best.

Some colleagues I know love to fly. There’s the glamour, the uninterrupted time to themselves away from clients, colleagues and family (on flights that don’t yet have wifi, of course!), and the “perks”.

Others are filled with dread at the thought of a prolonged period of sleeplessness. You’re feeling indescribably exhausted on arrival, you suffer from jet lag for days. And you wish your were in your own bed, not having to eat unfamiliar food at odd times. 

Of course, many of us worry about the environmental impact of taking a flight as well.

Whichever camp(s) you fall into, I used to find that I suffered impossible jet lag after a flight, I was incredibly exhausted, had brain fog all the time, and didn’t feel I was functioning properly.

But that changed!

What tips will help you fly for work, arrive and perform at your best? 

It turns out there are lots of simple ways to mitigate the impacts on your mind and body from travelling on a plane for work.

One by itself won’t be a game changer, but if you stack them together before, during and after a flight, you’ll start feeling the benefits.

I’ve taken a fair number of flights for work, and have crafted a routine that I’m excited to be sharing with you.

It’s the first of my Blueprint Series: “Fly well and perform at your best!”

And it’s packed with the same tips that I use when flying to arrive fresh and perform at my best.

Your flight: the “before”, the “during”, and the “after”

I’ve split my “Fly well and perform at your best!” Blueprint into three phases.

You’ll notice it’s not just about what you do on the plane, but as much what you do before you get on, and after you disembark.

Click on the links to delve more into each of the three phases, and to explore the “why?” behind each of the checklist items.

I’ve also included some of my favourite things that I like to use to help me arrive my best after a flight – whether it’s gadgets, apps or equipment.

Over to you!

Now it’s your turn to curate your own tips when you’re taking a flight for work, so you too can arrive and perform at your best!

Some of these tips need some lead time to get used to. Try them on the ground, at home, before you get on the plane.

But, above all, be bold, and experiment until you find your own balance when you’re flying!

Reflect on what you do try, and adjust your approach to find your own balance when you fly.

So, if you have a flight coming up, what will your checklist look like, and how do you plan to implement it?

Happy experimenting!

Be wise, be healthy and be well!


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