What do you do when obstacles get in the way of your goals?

Eric Ho
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When you have set yourself a goal, how do you overcome the pain of dealing with the inevitable challenges along the way?

These are bloody sharp stones!

This is my favourite coastal trail. There’s a tranquillity here even when the waves are agitating on the water.

But it’s always punctuated by small, very sharp stones. It takes lots of concentration to place each foot fall carefully to avoid moments of flinching but then another stone feels like it’s puncturing my barefoot runners.

Carry on despite the pain

Even when we are clear about our goals, and we plan to steer around the obstacles and challenges we know will come, sometimes we just can’t avoid them.

There’s a moment of pain in the soles of your feet when you put a step wrong and a really big, sharp stone jabs into the bottom of your foot.

When we have our goal in mind, and when those curve balls come, we CAN carry on.

Persisting with the pain is part of the journey, and when you look around there’s so much else of nature that’s there to enjoy to help you reach your ultimate goal.

Over to you!

➡️ How do you choose to overcome the sharp stones in your life?

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