How to free yourself from the “limits” of your chronic condition

Eric Ho
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How can you overcome the “limits” of your chronic condition?

If you’re living with a chronic disease, do you recognise the “I’M OVERWHELMED” warning sign?

Whether it’s heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, an autoimmune condition, or something else, do you spot yourself saying:

⚠️ “I’m tired all the time”

⚠️ “I’ve got a lot of pain”

⚠️ “My skin just won’t get better”

Our chronic conditions have a habit of knocking on our door many times a day, like a pesky neighbour coming round to complain to us.


And again, and again.

It’s no wonder that it’s easy to define ourselves by our condition. The door is open to a stream of thinking about the things that are not going well.

It’s totally normal.

Sometimes, you want to open the door to your neighbour and speak back but all you can do is listen.

But you have a choice to think about your chronic condition in a different way. Because where you choose to put your attention determines the quality of your experience.

Stress and an overactive parasympathetic nervous system keep your alert levels high which can weigh down on you and feel exhausting.

But when we think, live, and breathe what we want, rather than what we don’t want, it tells our nervous system to relax.

Of course, it’s not a magic wand: simply saying what you want only once is not gong to change you straight away.

But the stress and your nervous system’s high alert status will reduce down over time. Saying out aloud the image you have of your “best self” allows your body to heal, to rest, to relax.

So instead of opening the door to your neighbour, and letting them unleash their torrent of complaints while you stand there powerless…

You can speak first and say what you want to say, and determine the quality of your experience:

⚡️ “I’m experiencing abundant energy”

⚡️ “I’m feeling alive”

⚡️ “My skin is calm and itch free”

⚡️ “I’m living with health and vitality, even with my chronic condition”

Our brains are powerful tools in overcoming the overwhelm of a chronic disease.

I invite you to try changing you own narrative and become the person you want to be, rather than the person you feel stuck as.

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