Why presence is the key to your success as a leader

Eric Ho
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If you’re a leader, do you know what is the one secret skill the best actors and teachers have that’s the key to your success?

Do you remember sitting in a rowdy classroom for a teacher to walk in and then silence magically descends across the room?

Have you ever had goosebumps when an actor comes on stage and there’s something electric – something in the air?

What is the secret that’s key to your success?

👉 Presence.

When you’re a high achieving professional, it’s easy to pay attention to what we’re not good at:

❌ “I’m not a good … public speaker … listener”

❌ “I’m terrible at … socialising with colleagues … working at home … using new software”

We readily tell our colleagues, our family and our friends all of the limitations we see in ourselves. It’s as if that’s what defines us.

But that doesn’t feel like great leadership, does it?

So what if instead you turned that voice to saying what you’re great at, or what you want to be great at, and every interaction with your colleagues, family and friends were imbued with that presence?

🌱 “I love nurturing my team to be creative and resilient to overcome the most complex business challenges we are facing.”

🌱 “I wake up every morning with an energetic buzz. I feel full of vitality and energy, and look forward to working with my team that always wants to do their best.”

🌱 “I am an Effortless Leader”

Speak the

Just like an olympic athlete sees themselves sprinting down the track for the 100 metre final and crossing the finishing line first, or an actor delivering a moving soliloquy that brings the audience to tears, you too can live, breathe and think how you want to be, right now.

You’ll see how people see and treat you differently with your renewed presence and energy that you bring.

Don’t wait to be the heart-centred leader you want to be.

Your success begins now.

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